Why is an End of Summer Roof Inspection So Important

21 Aug. 19

Why is an End of Summer Roof Inspection So Important?

Summer’s end is near! Of course, we’re looking forward to cooler weather. As we finish enjoying our fun in the sun, it’s time to think about getting a seasonal roof inspection. But why is an end of summer roof inspection so important? There are a number of reasons we want to think about roof maintenance, not the least of which is that temperatures will start dropping soon, and rainfall will increase.

But there’s more to consider. Keep reading for some of the key reasons why you should consider performing a roof inspection at the end of every summer.

Why is an End of Summer Roof Inspection So Important?

1. To Check for Heat Damage

Summers in the South can be brutal. The intense sun and heat can not only be harmful to your skin but also to your roof. Yes, your roof might be designed to withstand high temperatures, but there is only so much that normal roofing can take. With time, the shingles can even degrade, buckle, or crack. For this reason, you should always perform a roof inspection at the end of the summer season.

2. To Remove Algae Growth

Why is an end of summer roof inspection so important? This reason may surprise you.

During summer, the night tends to be a bit humid. Therefore, your roof can be susceptible to algae, mold, and moss growth. Notably, this tends to happen on roofs that lack proper drainage. When water pools on your roof, it can end up soaking into your roofing materials. What’s more, if your house is under a tree, your roof might not dry out quickly. For that reason, you need to make sure water is draining properly from your roof.

3. To Extend the Life of Your Roof

Summers can also bring intense thunderstorms as hot and cool air clash in the atmosphere. The strong winds can pose devastating effects to property. After every storm, it is recommended that you perform a thorough inspection of your roof. Wind can damage your roof by blowing debris. And rainwater can worm its way beneath old, cracked, or lifted shingles.

Make sure to perform repairs as needed to avoid having to replace your roof. The main goal is to extend the life of your roof. This will serve to protect your home or business, save money on repairs, and save worry.

Based on the above reasons, without a doubt, performing an end of summer roof inspection is essential. Get ready for Autumn’s rainy weather now. You won’t regret it.

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