02 May. 18

3 Ways Algae Can Put Your Roof at Risk

Algae doesn’t just thrive in the ocean. In fact, it can grow on your roof. You may have noticed long black streaks that have accumulated on your roof. This isn’t mold – it’s algae. But, even though you don’t need to worry, it’s important to identify and treat algae growth on your roof. This is a part of good roof maintenance and will help you avoid future mold or mildew growth. Here are three ways algae can put your roof at risk.


3 Ways Algae Can Put Your Roof at Risk


1. Algae Growth Stains Your Roof


Algae will usually appear as black streaks on your roof. These streaks begin after algae spores latch onto the roof and grow, especially in wet or humid climates. In its earlier life cycle, algae can also look white, green, or greenish-blue. These discolorations on your roof can be quite an eyesore and get worse when left unaddressed. Algae growth can stain a roof in as quickly as four years. By that point, your roof would need a professional roof cleaning.


2. Algae Growth Increases Energy Costs


Algae growth usually affects the appearance of a roof. But it can also mess with any energy-efficient paneling installed on your roof. Algae can block these panels if they grow over them, raising your energy costs or potentially ruining the roofing. Algae can survive on the roof without water, so the chance of it increasing your energy bill even in dry weather is high.


3. Algae Growth Leads to Potential Roof Repairs


If algae growth affects any energy-efficient roofing, in the long run it can lead to the need for roof repairs. Algae can damage a roof if it manages to get through a leak or crack. Mold or moss growth is likely if algae gets through a roof leak. However, this is completely preventable with annual roof inspections, especially if algae growth is already present.




Algae makes your roof look grimy and dirty. If left unattended for long periods of time, it can lead to costly future problems. To have your roof inspected, give Chattanooga Roofing a call today at 423-308-ROOF.