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23 Apr. 19

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

The roof is one of the most prominent parts of your home. As such, it requires special attention during home maintenance. The roof not only protects your property but also plays an important role in its overall appearance. However, due to its exposure to the elements, a roof wears out with time. And you need to make a decision whether to repair or replace it. But how do you know? Should you repair or replace your roof?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof? A Quick Guide

Of course, the easiest option would be to repair the worn out or damaged parts. But there are times when replacement is the better choice. Let’s look at how to decide.

When to Repair Your Roof

Obviously, repair is preferable to replacement, if a full replacement isn’t called for. Here’s when to repair.

1. Cracked Shingles

Cracked shingles need replacement to get the roof back into optimal, weatherproof shape.

2. Missing Shingles

You should replace missing shingles to prevent further deterioration of the roof and to improve its appearance.

3. Curling Shingles

If you have bending or curling shingles, you should call a licensed roofer immediately to replace these areas. These minor repairs are often needed after a storm or extreme weather.

4. Damaged or Missing Kick-out Flashing

At the point where the roof edge meets a sidewall, you need a kick-out flashing to prevent roof runoff from flowing down the wall (and possibly into the wall). Minor repairs should sort out the issue of the missing kick-out flashing to improve the roof’s performance.

5. Minor Gutter Damage

It is important to repair an aging, clogged, or damaged gutter to protect your home.

If you think any of these situations may be severe enough to require replacement, don’t hesitate to call a licensed roofer for a professional assessment.

When to Replace Your Roof

Some situations call for roof replacement for the optimal performance of this crucial part of your home. Keep reading!

1. Algae Growth

If algae growth spreads across the roof, you’ll need to replace the shingles.

2. Rotten Wood

A decayed roof can’t protect your home. Not only that, but it’s an eyesore and leads to further structural damage. Replace it as soon as possible.

3. Old Age

With age, the roof shingles’ performance deteriorates, making replacement necessary. Your home can benefit from modern roofing systems which are better-looking and more energy efficient. Replacement of an aging roof also saves you the cost of more frequent repairs.

So should you repair or replace your roof? This guide should help you make that decision. As always, for any roofing replacement or repair, call in a licensed roofing contractor. You’ll get the best work to protect your home. For a free estimate, call Chattanooga Roofing Company at (423) 799-ROOF today or schedule your estimate online.