can roofers install a roof in the rain

28 Mar. 22

Can Roofers Install a Roof in the Rain?

Is your roof damaged? Are you looking to have a new roof installed? Maybe the rain Spring brings is starting to leak through your roof. You’re probably asking yourself, “Can roofers install a roof in the rain?” Well, the answer is: certainly not without many risks. While certain roofing tasks require less than a day, re-roofing a typical home can take several days. It’s better to postpone any repairs or installations until the weather clears and the roof is dry. A slippery roof can endanger workers and raise the risk of property damage as well. Professional contractors will advise you to wait until the weather is clear, even for inspecting the area.

Can Roofers Install a Roof in the Rain?

Here’s why our roofers won’t install a roof in the rain.

1. Shingles May Not Adhere Properly to Wet Surfaces

A new roof can potentially fail due to a damp installation. Slippery surfaces and high humidity may make it difficult for shingles and other roofing materials to adhere effectively. Moisture can be trapped inside your roof if the shingles or flashing are damp when they are installed. This can lead to mold, damage, and other serious issues. In addition, when there is a lot of moisture in the air, materials can expand or contract. This can result in bumps and ripples on the roof surface.

2. It May Void Your Warranty

Manufacturers of roofing materials offer warranties on their goods but not on the installation. The manufacturer is not accountable for the harm that improper workmanship may cause. This is because specific rules exist for how materials and shingles should be fitted.

If a roofing installer chooses to work in less-than-ideal weather, your manufacturer’s warranty may be voided. This could result in expensive repairs down the road.

Be Cautious on Wet Days

There are times when you may have to make a short-term fix or perform maintenance on a rainy day. If there is a leak or water damage to the roof, you may need to fix it quickly. It is critical to do good research about the installer who will be helping you during this difficult moment. When a storm passes through an area, it frequently attracts unscrupulous contractors attempting to defraud naive, worried householders.

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