how do snow and ice hurt my roof

24 Feb. 22

How Do Ice and Snow Hurt My Roof?

Ever wonder, “how do snow and ice hurt my roof?” During the harsh winter months, a load of snow and ice on your roof can have a direct impact on its condition and structure. It is critical for homeowners to thoroughly grasp the indicators of weather damage, recognize these signs, and take the appropriate procedures to fix your roof if it is damaged as a result of severe weather.

You might be thinking, “Why does this matter to me? We barely ever get snow in Chattanooga.”

You’re right about that. However, ice can be a problem if it’s not normal for your roof and we hit a cold snap after rain.

So here are some things to keep in mind while it’s freezing outside.

How Do Ice and Snow Hurt My Roof?

Ice Dams

Ice dams can form on the roof if enough ice accumulates. As the snow melts, it flows down the roof and freezes at the roof’s edge. Ice dams may rip gutters.

Freeze and Thaw

Snow and ice buildup can cause cracks. Water seeping into even the smallest openings can also do severe damage to your roof. This can create leaks into your home and exacerbate existing cracks. If the water doesn’t leak and freezes, the crack can widen, causing more damage.

Gutter Damage

When air temperatures are below freezing, gutters clogged with leaves, mud, or other debris increase the creation of icicles, but sunlight warms the external surfaces of your property. Icicles are pretty heavy, and they can cause damage to your gutters and roof.

Leakage and Skylights

Snow and ice can obstruct holes around skylights to release condensation. Moreover, water damage to structural components and ceilings can result from trapped condensation.

Preventative Maintenance is Essential

Therefore, all you need is to go for regular roofing inspections, gutter cleaning, snow removal, replacing damaged shingles before winter storms arrive. For that reason, this winter, reach out to Chattanooga Roofing Co. for assistance. We can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we took care of your roof.