Is It Important to Keep Pollen Off My Roof

26 Apr. 21

Is It Important to Keep Pollen Off My Roof?

Now that spring is here, expect the annual flooding of pollen all over your property. Are you wondering is it important to keep pollen off my roof? Don’t be surprised if your roof and siding get suddenly covered in yellowish dust.

When it comes to spring cleaning, most homeowners neglect the roof above their heads. That is because removing pollen from one’s roof is not a spring activity most people look forward to doing.

Unfortunately, pollen can cause health hazards, unsightly stains, and costly roofing issues that could have been easily prevented in the first place.

1. Target the Right Places

Aside from closing your doors and windows and installing HEPA filters, you also need to have your roof checked by a professional roofing contractor. This way, they can check if your roof has become an entry point for pollen. The contractor will make sure that the attic insulation and air vents have been properly installed and functioning properly.

2. Clean the Roof

You can rely on rain and time to help remove pollen build-up. But if there’s huge amounts of it, it may be time to get up on the roof and remove the pollen. However, there’s a risk of getting injured while you’re up there if it’s a steep roof or you’re less mobile than you used to be. In that case, you’d be better off leaving the cleanup to the roofing professionals.

3. Update Your Roof

If your roof has been retaining more pollen than usual because of pitting or curled shingles, then it may be time to have it replaced. Old, decaying asphalt roofs are more likely to catch allergens as they age. Check with your local roofer to see if your roof is up for a replacement, or if they can still do repairs.

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Spring is definitely the worst time of year for pollen to collect on your home, especially on your roof.

Removing pollen from your roof may help lessen your allergy symptoms, which is why you should make roofing maintenance a part of your spring cleaning checklist.

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