Fall Roof Warning Signs

24 Sep. 20

Don’t Ignore These Fall Roof Warning Signs

Ignoring the following warning signs that your roof is falling will cause serious issues later on, thereby costing you more. For that reason, it is essential to spot these signs around your house and find a professional contractor to get a roof replacement immediately. Don’t ignore these Fall roof warning signs! Keep reading to learn what to watch out for.

9 Fall Roof Warning Signs

1. Leaky Roof

Roof leaks may seem to be less serious, but they can cause damage like rot, the spread of mold, etc. This costs you more to fix them. It’s best to call a skilled contractor and inspect openings like chimneys, roof shingles, or skylight windows at least once a year. Spring and fall seasons are best for an in-depth roof inspection.

2. Cracking, Curling, or Dry Shingles

If shingles show any of these signs, it usually means an aging roof system. You need to have a new roof installed as soon as possible. Blistering shingles are also more prone to damage during extreme weather conditions.

3. Saggy Roof

A droopy roof signifies serious structural problems. For that reason, it should be inspected immediately by a professional roofing contractor near you and replaced. Otherwise, it could collapse at any time.

4. Critters Making Homes in Your Roof

If critters are making holes in your roof, your roof is on the verge of collapsing. Stay alert and watch signs of intruders during all seasons to prevent costly roof repairs.

While mice may be the first animal that comes to mind, squirrels, raccoons, and rats also target roofs as a nest location. Even small insects can wreak havoc on a roof.

Once an entrance hole has been set, other critters can also find a way inside. This can saturate wood and ruin shingles. Consult a skilled roofing contractor in case of severe termite infestation to assess the damage and get solutions.

5. Stains on Interior Walls and Ceilings

If your interior walls and ceilings are stained or look worse, there may be a mold growth inside your home. It may be due to faulty or insufficient shingle underlayment.

6. Old Age

If the roof is over 20 years of age, call your Chattanooga roofing contractor regularly to check its condition. The expert will use the necessary safety equipment to help you identify any underlying issues that need a quick fix.

7. Excessive Granules in the Gutter

If your roof is older and you see extra granules in the gutter, it could mean that shingles are deteriorating and need replacement. Granules keep the ultraviolet rays off the coating of shingles and also make them fire-resistant. If you have lost them, shingles may collapse fast.

8. Loose or Exposed Nail Heads

If nails start popping out of place, the spaces and holes around the nails become prone to water penetration. It can also cause leaks in the roof.

9. Sudden Heating and Cooling Cost Increase

If this is the case, replace your roof as soon as possible. The rise in cooling and heating bills could be due to a leaky roof, bad attic ventilation, or a damaged roof.

If your roof is showing the Fall roof warning signs mentioned above, call Chattanooga’s roofing experts today. They will give you a competitive quote for your new roof installation.