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08 Sep. 20

5 Late Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

During summers — which call for lot of sun – roof maintenance is essential. A new roof is an expensive idea. For that reason, every homeowner desires a prolonged life for their roof made with substantial investment. Whether you installed your roofing now or a few years ago, following the tips below will help extend its life. This way, you can avoid spending on a new roof soon.

5 Late Summer Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

1. Inspect

The first task is to inspect your roof from all angles. Use binoculars or a ladder and look for broken or missing shingles, fungal or weed growth and junk that may have accumulated in the roof’s cracks and crevices. Also, examine the roof for other issues like water stains, missing or loose hardware components, etc.

2. Clean Gutters

House gutters are likely to be clogged with twigs, leaves, and other debris which can ruin paint and lead to water damage. The debris in them can sometimes direct water upwards and rot the roof sheathing. Also, examine the gutters for holes, cracks, or missing caulk. Use gloves to scoop out the garbage from the downspouts as the chemical buildup can be abrasive.

3. Remove Leaves and Twigs

A roof surrounded by tall bushes or overhanging trees is prone to rapid decomposition. This is because leaves and branches from trees collect in roof valleys, allowing moisture to accumulate on your roof. This can promote weed growth in the area and seepage below the roofing surface. So, pick a sunny morning, get on the ladder, and get rid of all the organic matter on your roof.

4. Eradicate Moss

Moss growth can mainly be seen on wooden roofs or shingles. It traps water and thus needs to be tackled almost immediately. We recommend that you use a moss-killing cleaning solution. The unwanted growth can then be swept away by a soft-bristled broom/brush. Once the roof is free of moss, you can install zinc strips to prevent it. It’s more effective and eco-friendly than spraying chemicals.

5. Apply Protective Materials

Late summer is the best time to consider applying coatings, sealants, and other protective materials to your roof. After you’ve finished cleaning your roof, you can apply patching materials, which further ensure a healthy roof for a long time.

We hope these 5 late summer maintenance tips for your roof have been informative. In all these ways, summer can prove potentially damaging for your roofing. And the last thing you want to be doing is roasting in the sun while repairing your roof! Call Chattanooga Roofing Company today at (423) 443-4174.