Maintain Your Roof in the Summer

13 Aug. 20

3 Ways to Maintain Your Roof in the Summer

In the best of conditions, your roof is capable of a decades-long lifespan. However, it’ll only last as long as it should if you maintain it well. For that reason, you need to know what tasks are necessary. And while summer roof care does differ slightly* from care in other seasons, it’s more similar than different. So, how should you maintain your roof in the summer?  Read on to learn more about the tasks you need to do.

How to Maintain Your Roof in the Summer

1. Inspect The Roof and Remove Debris

It sounds simple, but many homeowners forget to do it. Looking over your roof closely is an amazingly helpful and necessary task. And what better time than summer? It’s warm, less rainy, less debris is falling … it’s time to inspect the roof.

  • Grab a pair of binoculars and scan the entire roof from the outside. However, if your roof is too high for a close look, there’s no shame in having a professional inspect it.
  • Next, get inside the attic and closely inspect your flashing for weak points or gaps.
  • Lastly, if you’re able to physically walk on your roof and the pitch is low enough to allow balance, wait for a cool day (so you don’t damage the asphalt shingles) and make a careful inspection, removing all debris you encounter. Use only a soft broom – no rakes allowed!

You’re on the lookout for loose, discolored, and/or damaged shingles. They may indicate a more widespread problem.

2. Clean Out the Gutters

This one just makes sense. If your roof can’t properly get rid of water via the gutter, you’ll end up with damage. Not only to the fascia, but also the outside walls and even the roof itself. Clean out the debris from the gutter so your roof does its job from top to bottom. Alternatively, if you can’t get up on a ladder for any reason, feel free to hire a service pro. This isn’t just how you maintain your roof in the summer – it’s a year-round task.

2. Cut Back Trees and Shrubs

Nothing can damage the edge of your roof quite like a tree limb scraping it. Overgrown or low-hanging foliage is a no-no when it comes to keeping your roof intact. Use the summer months to cut back and trim all the bushes and trees that come anywhere near your roof. You’ll reduce algae growth, moss buildup, and scrape damage. In addition, you’ll reduce the sticks and leaves you need to clean off the roof and out of the gutters.

If your roof needs repair or replacement (and all roofs will eventually), get professional help! Simply call Chattanooga Roofing Company at (423) 799-2173 today.

* Really, the only big difference is temperature. Since heat makes asphalt softer, you should be careful if you need to walk on your roof in the summer. You need to avoid pulling shingles off their nails or scraping off the protective granules.