how to make your roof stormproof

28 May. 20

How to Make Your Roof Stormproof

Storms are a way of life here in Chattanooga. You’ve probably experienced first-hand how storms can wreak havoc. Protecting your home and your loved ones should be a priority once a storm comes rolling in. Keep reading to discover how to make your roof stormproof – as much as possible. You may be able to do some of these tasks yourself. However, you may wish to call a professional roofer for repairs.

How to Make Your Roof Stormproof

1. Check for Leaks

Small leaks that have gone unnoticed or ignored can become larger holes in the middle of a storm. They can cause damage to the underlayment. They can also compromise your roof’s structural integrity in the long run.

2. Check the Shingles

If you see a couple of shingles that are loose or starting to fall apart, you need to call a professional roofing company. They’ll reinforce the old shingles with newer ones.

3. Trim the Trees

If you have trees with long branches that hang over your home, you need to have them cut down before the storm. These can be easily blown off in the middle of strong winds and heavy rain. As a result, they could damage your roof in the process.

4. Clear Gutter and Downspouts

Check to make sure your gutter system is clear from debris. The gutter system ensures that rainwater flows steadily from the roof to the ground. However, if it gets clogged, it will cause water buildup that could enter the soffit and fascia of the roofing system. In addition, it could cause erosion around your foundation.

5. Keep Up with Insurance & Warranties

During storm season, study your home insurance’s policy coverage. Also, make sure that your insurance documentation and any “before” photos are safe. This way, you can make a strong case when you file for a claim.

6. Contact a Roofing Professional

Ask a roofing company to evaluate the current condition of your roof. They’ll be able to identify roofing issues you may have missed during your own inspection. You can also request regular roof maintenance so that you can catch any issues and have them fixed before they get worse.

Chattanooga Roofing Company can check the integrity of your roof and conduct repairs to ensure it will hold up during the storm. Just give us a call at (423) 799-2173 to book an appointment.