Why you roof needs to be ready for winter

30 Nov. 18

5 Reasons Why Your Roof Needs to be Ready for Winter

Almost everyone knows why your roof needs to be ready for winter. It’s because the cool temperatures of Fall quickly turn into the chilly days of winter. But, as the days grow colder, the risk to your home and roof also grows. People tend to react against winter weather for many reasons. Your home is no different.

Your Roof Needs to be Ready for Winter – and Here’s Why:

Keep reading for 5 reasons to keep your roof in good repair for the winter months.

1. Wind Damage

Wind damage happens when a strong storm blows through. And, many times, wind is accompanied by icy rain or snow. Old and loose shingles can be blown off in winter storms. This opens the roof up to even more damage when storms come – unless repaired quickly and professionally.

2. Water Accumulation

Water damage can be a huge problem if you experience heavy rain. Water accumulates under the shingles. This accumulation could cause water issues in your home, as well as mold and electrical problems.

3. Attic Condensation

Condensation can occur when warm air meets a cold surface in the winter. Attics can easily fall victim to this. That’s because, many times, they are not insulated properly. If condensation develops, it can lead to problems such as mildew and mold. For that reason, a properly ventilated attic is essential. Otherwise, you can damage your roof and may have to replace it well before it was due.

4. Flashing Failure

Flashing leaks begin when the flashings (the metal strips that go along your roof edges, chimney, etc.) become loosened. They are put there to help keep moisture out. But, winter weather and age make flashings susceptible to leaks. Head the problem off at the pass by checking your flashings every so often. Your roof needs to be ready for winter. However, you also need to stay safe. You can! Simply hire a licensed roofer to come inspect your roof.

5. Overhanging Limbs

We all enjoy the shade tall trees cast in the summer – and the beautiful leaves they provide in the fall. But these trees can also have dead limbs. For that reason, they can be a danger in winter when branches often stay wet (and heavy). When a tree branch falls on a roof, if can cause extensive damage.

In addition, overhanging limbs can scape shingles, and limbs too close can encourage small animals to run onto your roof. This is also an issue – the critters will try to make their way into your home during cold weather. Your roof needs to be ready for winter – so make your trees ready for winter.

Now that you know what you need to do, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Or, if you feel unsafe on your roof, give Chattanooga Roofing Company a call at (423) 308-ROOF or contact us online. Our experienced team can inspect your roof for you. Your roof needs to be ready for winter. And we can help.