why to replace your roof in the fall

03 Oct. 18

6 Reasons Why to Replace Your Roof in the Fall

Summer is sunny and spring is balmy, but there are more reasons why to replace your roof in the fall. When it comes time to install a new roof, there’s no better season. Not too hot, not too cold, not too wet (usually). It’s a good time to prepare your home’s protection against winter weather.

You’ll want to schedule your roof replacement in advance because your roofing contractor will be busy during this time of year. But why is he so busy? Because homeowners are starting to figure out that fall is the best time for roof replacement. Allow for schedule flexibility and you should enter winter with a snug new roof over your head.

Ready to discover what many homeowners already know? Read on to learn more about why to replace your roof in the fall.

6 Reasons Why to Replace Your Roof in the Fall

If you know your roof needs repair or replacement, you should wait until autumn for this short list of reasons.

1. Stormy Season is Over

Spring and summer have far worse weather than fall, in terms of severe rainfall and winds that can damage roofs. The generally milder weather of fall makes it the perfect time to replace your roof without being interrupted by strong wind and thunderstorms.

2. Conditions Couldn’t Be Better

Roofing professionals consider temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit the best-case scenario for installing roofing. That range is especially important if you’re having an asphalt shingle roof installed. In these conditions, your shingles will be able to form a thermal seal, bonding with each other and the roof. And your roofers will be able to work faster without overheating.

3. Cold Weather Hasn’t Fully Hit

When the temperature drops, shingles get harder to work with. They can become brittle, vulnerable to breaking when your roofer is using a nail gun. That means the job will take longer (and cost more) because brittle shingles require hand nailing.

4. There’s Time for Proper Sealing

Get your roof replaced in fall to give the shingles time to form a proper bond with the roof. They won’t be able to bond perfectly once wet, cold weather hits your area. A better bond means better insulation and protection from damp.

5. Winter Storms May Come

What can make a damaged roof worse? Harsh, cold weather. Over the winter, holes can get larger and leaks can become worse. You’re better off entering winter with a sound roof over your head.

6. You Could Save on Heating

Because roofing gets thinner over its lifespan, its insulation ability gets weaker and weaker. That’s one of the best reasons why to replace your roof in the fall. If you do so, you’ll benefit from better insulation all winter long. After all, who doesn’t want a lower heating bill?

Now you know why to replace your roof in the fall. With such compelling reasons, there’s no time like today to get the job done. Call Chattanooga Roofing at (423) 308-ROOF or schedule your free roof replacement estimate online today.