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04 Jun. 18

4 Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Replacement

Can you spot the signs your commercial roof needs replacement? Professional roofers recommend that you have your roof inspected once or twice a year. You can check on your own roof any time to see if there is anything out of the ordinary. But a more experienced eye may spot problems you don’t see.


Commercial roofs must be inspected regularly to catch problems early. This includes looking for potential signs your commercial roof needs replacement. Let’s look at several of those signs now.


4 Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Replacement


1. Increasing Age


The average commercial roof lifespan falls between 20-25 years. Once the roof approaches this age, potential for structural damage increases. A common aging issue with commercial roofs is blisters – created by buildup of moisture between the shingles. High temperatures can intensify the degree of the roof blisters, which will eventually lead to poor roof ventilation.


2. Questionable Energy Bills


Poor roof ventilation means that your building’s heating or air flow is not being circulated properly. The more your HVAC system must work to heat or cool your space, the higher your energy bills will be. There are instances where your roof could use a repair to combat rising energy bills, but if the roof’s structure is damaged enough, it will take a roof replacement to fix the problem.


3. Roof Rot and Staining


Any rotten areas are obvious signs your commercial roof needs replacement by a professional. A roof can become rotten after any damage to the roof structure. Any gaps created by exterior damage to your roof make way for mold growth or roof staining. A rotted roof will sink or sag, so to avoid any potential dangers you’re always better off calling a certified roofer who can come in and assess the damage.


4. Interior Damage


When left unaddressed, any sort of commercial roof damage or neglect will inevitably lead to interior damage. When outside elements or pests can get through problem spots in the roof, they can lead to more expensive repairs or maintenance. If you’re noticing leaks or water stains in your roof, pests getting inside easily, or even mold growth inside, don’t ignore those signs your commercial roof needs replacement immediately.




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